Frequently asked questions. Below you will find answers to the questions to better understand carbon offsets.
  • Carbon offsets are measurable, verifiable emission reductions from certified climate action projects.

  • Offsets are created when a project is deemed to have eliminated 1 ton of greenhouse emissions. Planting a forest that would eliminate 1 ton of carbon emissions would be enough to create an offset.

  • Carbon offsets decay over time which means companies continually need to create new ideas to remove emissions.

  • Projects must adhere to a rigorous set of criteria to pass verification by third-party agencies and a review by a panel of experts at a leading carbon offset standard firm. We partner with the global leaders in carbon offset verification to ensure all of our offsets are legitimate.

  • After an organization or an individual buys a carbon offset, the offset is permanently retired. This protects the validity of the offset that each offset removes one ton of carbon.

  • Carbon offset validity fraud is a fast-growing problem within the global certified carbon offset marketplace. Carbon certificates are designated with a unique serial number determined by the issuing body. These serial numbers can be duplicated, and fraudulent certificates can be created and then sold to unsuspecting buyers which may result in fines. In addition, once a carbon offset certificate is used by an end party, the certificate must be retired. These retired certificates can resurface on the marketplace and be fraudulently resold. By digitizing the certificates with their corresponding serial numbers on the blockchain as an immutable asset, ECO then tracks the life of the certificate using this public ledger. Duplicate serial numbers cannot be created and once the certificate is retired, it is recorded on the blockchain and cannot be resold. Evergreen Carbon Offsets is THE trusted source for authentic, verified carbon offsets.

  • Climate Action Projects reduce, remove or avoid greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, they also bring a whole host of other positive benefits; they empower communities, protect ecosystems, restore forests or reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

  • There is a significant debate surrounding the question of whether or not carbon offsets can be considered an asset. Because carbon offsets can be bought, sold, and traded on the open market, they do indeed constitute an asset.

    Carbon has become a liquid and investable asset class that now trades approximately $1 Billion (USD) per day across physical carbon, futures, and options. Carbon has exhibited attractive historical returns and low correlation with other asset classes, making it potentially attractive within a diversified portfolio.

    The most popular form of carbon trading is the purchase and sale of carbon offsets. Carbon offsets are assets that can be purchased by businesses or individuals in order to offset their own emissions. The idea behind carbon offsets is the money used to purchase them will go towards funding projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, thus offsetting the buyer’s own emissions.

    There are a number of different types of carbon offsets, but the most common are those that are generated by projects that reduce deforestation. These projects work to protect forests and prevent them from being cleared for agriculture or other purposes. By doing so, they help to preserve the carbon that is stored in the trees and soil of the forest.

  • You can invest in carbon offsets through a number of different channels. The most common way to do so is to purchase carbon offsets from businesses or individuals who have already generated them. You can also invest in carbon-producing projects, such as those that aim to reduce deforestation.

    For the most direct exposure to the voluntary carbon markets, purchasing carbon offset immutable assets on the Blockchain, such as EverGreen Carbon Offsets (ECO), is a viable option as a retail investor. These immutable assets are physically deliverable, and therefore provide investors with the ability to take possession of the carbon offsets if they choose to do so, and trade or sell them at a later date. In the meantime, they can be used as an asset for the company.

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