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We partner with industry-leading carbon auditing firms to provide services to measure, analyze, and reduce your company’s carbon footprint. This involves evaluating energy usage, transportation, waste, and other activities that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. The goal of carbon auditing is to identify opportunities for your company to reduce its carbon emissions and become more environmentally sustainable.

Our partners offer a range of services, including:

  1. Carbon footprint assessments: This involves measuring your carbon emissions and identifying areas where emissions can be reduced.
  2. Carbon management planning: we can help your company develop a plan to reduce its carbon emissions over time.
  3. Energy audits: An energy audit is a comprehensive assessment of your energy usage and identifying opportunities for energy efficiency improvements.
  4. Transportation assessments: we assess your transportation practices and identify opportunities to reduce emissions through the use of alternative fuels or more efficient vehicles.
  5. Waste management assessments: We assess your waste management practices and identify opportunities to reduce waste and increase recycling.

Overall, the goal with our partners is to help you become more environmentally sustainable and cost-effectively reduce your carbon emissions.


Carbon offset validity fraud is a fast-growing problem within the global certified carbon offset marketplace. Carbon certificates are designated with a unique serial number determined by the issuing body. These serial numbers can be duplicated, and fraudulent certificates can be created and then sold to unsuspecting buyers. In addition, once a carbon offset certificate is used by an end party, the certificate must be retired.

These retired certificates can resurface on the marketplace and be fraudulently resold. By digitizing the certificates with their corresponding serial numbers on the blockchain as a Immutable asset, ECO then tracks the life of the certificate using this public ledger.

Duplicate serial numbers cannot be created and once the certificate is retired, it is recorded on the blockchain and cannot be resold.

Evergreen Carbon Offsets has developed a unique system to digitize our certified carbon offsets as an Immutable asset on the blockchain. While assetized carbon offsets are in circulation as one asset equals one ton of carbon offset to purchase, a carbon certificate as an Immutable asset allows for more consumer versatility.

Certified carbon offset certificates are issued in varying quantities; our marketplace allows the consumer to choose the amount of carbon offsets they want to purchase and the ECO software issues the purchased quantity to the buyer as an immutable asset. This gives the consumer the freedom not to be forced into overbuying carbon offsets are they are issued per the original certificate. 

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