We are a business built on purpose

That purpose starts with our people

We live our values

T.E.A.M. I.Q.

Thankful – always express gratitude.
Exponential – always challenge to think bigger.
Authentic – be yourself.
Meaningful – create something that matters.
Inclusive – give a voice to everyone.
Quality – continue to seek excellence in craft.

Our Values in Practice

  • Rule Number #1: There’s only one rule; have fun!
  • We create a culture of leaders – we are all (project leaders), no hierarchy.
  • We use the new VUCA to effectively lead – vision, understanding, clarity, and agility.
  • We manage projects, not people – everything is a project (5W & H) – focus on outcomes, GyShiDo!
  • We win or learn – failure is not part of our culture. With no failure, we have no problems, fear, doubts, worries, anxiety, stress, regrets, or limits. Only opportunities to win or learn. Celebrate everything!
  • We speak to each other with respect – no powerless communication.
  • We are hyper-productive – no group meetings, only scrums (what did you do, doing, obstacles?).
  • We always seek diverse opinions – we listen to voices that expand our mindset.
  • We check our ego at the door – there is no room in a purpose-driven company for ego.
  • We coach in/coach out; everyone is a coach – help each other stay focused on our purpose.
  • We commit to closed-loop communications – we follow up, always. We always know the next steps.
  • We are direct communicators – less is always more:
  • We participate in feedback – give constant feedback.
  • We check in with people often – take time to build relationships.
  • We ask for help when we need it – we help each other personally, professionally, and organizationally. No judgement, we are here to support each other.
  • There are no problems – We identify opportunities and present solutions.

Getting from Point A to Point B, Together

Our Universal Truths

  • To think is to create. We are always right. Your perception is your reality.
  • We are our habits. How we spend our days is how we spend our lives. Focusing on personal habits and putting in the work will help us reach our goals.
  • Attitude is everything. It’s not what happens to us, it’s how we respond. Be in gratitude.
  • What we resist persists. Let it go! Forgive.
  • The goal is not the end. The journey is the reward. Continue to expand your mindset.
  • Enjoy the moment. Now is all we’ve got. Be present.
  • We are all one. Love unconditionally.

If you are not having fun, go back to rule number #1!
Nothing more, nothing less. Keep it simple.

We live our massive transformative purpose:

We will build transparency in carbon. What’s yours?

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