Buy Carbon Offsets to Erase Your Carbon Footprint with ECO

The average American emits 16 tonnes of CO2/year. 1 CRT (Carbon Removal Tonne) represents one tonne of CO2e removed and stored for a minimum of ten years.


A round-trip flight or cruise can emit 1 tonne of carbon.


Each month the average American emits 1. 33 tonnes of carbon.


Each year the average American emits 16 tonnes of carbon.

These carbon footprint estimates are from third-party sources. We recommend calculating your own carbon footprint to determine exactly how much CO2 you and/or your business are responsible for emitting.

Set It and Forget It. Carbon Removal Subscriptions for Your Business.

Customize a subscription to reach your company’s ESG standards.

We Pride Ourselves on Transparency and High Quality Carbon Removals

ECO has developed a unique system to digitize and record Project information and the certified carbon offsets produced on the blockchain. By utilizing blockchain, fraud and abuse within the decarbonization marketplace can be mitigated.  Within ECO’s registry, purchasers have the ability to verify all relevant data pertaining to a specific project and correlating offsets produced.