Meet your green goals
with Evergreen accountability

Where you source your carbon offsets matters.

Our team of technologists, blockchain developers, climate strategists, and global supply chain leaders came together to fight the carbon crisis. The result: you can invest in carbon offsets with guaranteed authenticity.

Our transparent technology solutions connect buyers and sellers of carbon offsets reliably and securely.

Through Evergreen Carbon Offsets, you’ll know your investment goes directly to combatting the carbon crisis.

Support projects that matter.

We partner with the global leaders in carbon offset verification. Your carbon offsets will only fund projects that can implement and track their impact. Our verification support simplifies your reporting and carbon assessments.

At Evergreen Carbon Offsets, we focus on three areas


We translate our carbon offsets into uniquely identifiable assets, stored on the blockchain.


With blockchain technology, offsets are automatically retired once used. No more duplications. No more fraud.


The blockchain hosts the entire history of your carbon offsets, simplifying your reporting.

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