Transparent Technology

What are Certified Carbon Offsets?

Evergreen Carbon Offsets has developed a unique system to digitize our certified carbon offsets as an immutable asset on the blockchain.

While carbon offsets are in circulation as one asset equals one ton of carbon offset to purchase, a carbon certificate as an immutable asset allows for more consumer versatility.

Why Smart Contracts?

Each carbon offset immutable asset minted contains a smart contract; smart contracts are one of the most powerful features of blockchain technology.

A smart contract is a digital contract where the terms of the agreement between users are set in code. A smart contract can also be programmed to self-execute when a set of predefined conditions are fulfilled such as retiring the carbon offset when used.

Though the blockchain is a public ledger, the purchaser of the carbon offset immutable asset will not be revealed in any way.

How Does It Help Companies?

Certified carbon offset certificates are issued in varying quantities; our platform allows for the customer to choose the number of carbon offsets they want to purchase.

The Evergreen Carbon Offset software issues the purchased quantity to the buyer as an immutable asset.

This gives the customer the freedom to not be forced into overbuying carbon offsets as they are issued per the original certificate.

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